About Transactional Analysis

A relational psychotherapy

A quick time travel

Transactional Analysis (TA) as a psychotherapy method was created by Dr. Eric Berne (photo) in the 1950’s.

In the beginning years, TA was a straightforward approach, emphasizing thinking and behavioural change. With time, whilst preserving its clarity, TA began to develop as a relational psychotherapy. We were invited to focus more on the subtle ways our clients spoke to us, sometimes without using words, and the responses triggered within ourselves as therapists. As a result, TA developed as a powerful approach to working with emotions that are painful to get in touch with, as they can be experienced in cases of early trauma.

Fields of application

TA is successfully used also in counselling, organisational and educational areas, which together with psychotherapy form the four fields of Transactional Analysis. The activity of TA professionals is internationally regulated, which ensures the consistency of its ethical and moral values, in all parts of the world.